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Our Healing Arts Center will facilitate various alternative therapies for the children such as art and music, sound healing, acupuncture, energy work and other appropriate modalities, in addition to offering services for the parents including respite services, meditation and color therapy, amongst others.

Our Main Goal
Is to create a safe space where special needs families can come together to experience community, love and joy in a beautiful, artistic and suitable environment that is sensitive to their collective needs.

Our Long-term Vision 
Is to have the center become a resource for the NYC + Queens communities for many years to come.

We are creating long-lasting partnerships with people, institutions and programs that are running beneficial events that our Member Families can have access to such as, therapeutic horseback riding, surfing, aquatic and art therapies.

Programs are in development - more info coming soon!

Thank you to Illustrator Sang Jun for creating all our Carnival of Love animations!