Happy 10th Birthday to Us! 

To all those who joined us at our Annual Benefit to celebrate our special milestone!

With your generous love & support, we raised over $45,000 towards the opening of a
Healing Arts Community Center for families living with autism & other special needs....
while that amount will assist us with day-to-day operations, we are seeking funds from
private foundations and other benefactors to help us open the Center. 

2018 Partners


A Decade of Community Service
Founded in 2008, the Carnival of Love Foundation is a 501c3 public charity dedicated to bringing community, love and joy to the lives of children and families living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and other special needs in our local community.

Our Mission
To enhance the mind, body and spirit of special needs families by providing them with access to educational resources, culturally-minded programs and services, support groups, alternative therapies such as music, art and dance, and fun recreational activities.

Our programs are designed to promote socialization and community by creating a safe space where families feel welcomed with open arms, accepted, and understood. We like to put smiles on their faces, and joy in their hearts.

How We Support Families
Families endure a great deal of stress, and often don’t know where - or to whom - to turn to for guidance or relief, especially when some may be feeling misunderstood by their families and/or communities.

Current Programming:

  • Access to tools and resources that give them knowledge and power
  • Parent support groups to speak with others that understand, and let their feelings and concerns be heard
  • Fun activities that the whole family can participate in, giving them moments of bonding and joy
  • Recreational opportunities where special needs families can connect and build friendships with other families, bringing them a deeper sense community, belonging and that they are not alone

What's NEXT
Currently all proceeds raised will go towards our Capital Campaign of opening of a Healing Arts Community Center in the Astoria/LIC, NY areas  to support the various needs of the special needs families all in one place.

The Center will be a magical space, where special needs families can interact and socialize with other families having similar experiences; a place where they can have fun, feel accepted and supported… a place where they can feel like home.

Having a Center would help us improve our current programming and allow us to introduce new classes, such as art, sensory integration and sound healing therapies; it would also give us the us the space to host family gatherings for holidays, to celebrate birthdays or to commemorate other special events.... together as a community.

We are creating a nurturing world where special needs families come together to experience community, love and joy... will you join us?

Current Programing

For Families:
- Divine Liturgy with Holy Communion is offered on the 1st Saturday of every month at St. Catherine's Greek Orthodox Church in Astoria, NY
- musicLAB: Music & Movement Therapy Workshops
- Autism Day at Six Flags Great Adventure

For Parents:
Monthly Support Groups
- Monthly Educational Workshops
1-on-1 Support Sessions

Get Involved

> If you are the parent or caregiver of a child with autism or special needs, please join our monthly parent support meetings or informational workshops specifically designed for your benefit!

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