After 8 years of supporting various children's causes in the NYC area, 
we are excited to announce that our primary focus will now be to support
children and families affected by autism and special needs.

Our New Mission: to enhance the mind, body and spirit of children and families affected by autism and special needs, through access to alternative therapies, culturally-minded programs and services, educational resources, and unique healing experiences.

We are creating a nurturing world where children of special needs and their families
feel unity, love and joy... will you join us?

New Programing

We are excited to announce special programing for parents and families of children with autism and special needs. 

For Parents: Monthly Support Meetings and Informational Workshops

For Families: St. Catherine's Greek Orthodox Church in Astoria, NY, is offering a monthly Divine Liturgy + Holy Communion followed by coffee hour and parent support sessions.

Our Beginning

The result of a leadership project taking on a life of it's own, the Carnival of Love Foundation was founded in 2008 by three childhood friends - Anna Almiroudis, Dennisia Slabakis, and Maria Sakellis - who wanted to make an impact in our community, by throwing a fun Carnival party to raise funds for the orphans of the SOS Children's Villages in Greece. Along with dozens of friends who volunteered from our community, we were able to donate over $300,000, to life-enriching programs and services to enhance the quality of life of children in need over a myriad of causes. Then came the 7-year itch...  we took 2015 off to reimagine the future of our organization...

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Get Involved

> If you are the parent or caregiver of a child with autism or special needs, please join our monthly parent support meetings or informational workshops specifically designed for your benefit!

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> If you are a volunteer, we'd love to hear from you! 

> If you'd like to donate to our programs, we'd love to hear from you too!

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