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Happy Birthday to us! 
We turn 10 this year, and have a lot planned for this special milestone. 

Our Mission: to bring community, love + joy to families living with autism spectrum disorder and other special needs.

Our Goals:
- to offer special needs individuals with access  to alternative therapies such as art, music + sensory integration
- to offer parents/caregivers educational resources, workshops, support groups, and social outings
- to offer recreational activities for the whole family

Our Long-term goal is to open a Healing Arts Community Center to support the various needs of the special needs families all in one place; the programming will include educational workshops, support groups for parents, mothers, fathers and siblings, one-on-one resource sessions, healing therapies such as art, music and nutrition, and recreational activities for the whole family.

While we support all families, we currently offer translated services and resources for Greek families.

We are creating a nurturing world where special needs families come together to experience community, love and joy... will you join us?

Current Programing

For Children:
Art Therapy Workshops at the Queens Museum (Dates To Be Announced)

For Parents:
Monthly Support Groups
- Monthly Educational Workshops
1-on-1 Support Sessions

For Families:
- Recreational Activities
- Divine Liturgy with Holy Communion is offered on the 1st Saturday of every month at St. Catherine's Greek Orthodox Church in Astoria, NY.
- musicLAB

Get Involved

> If you are the parent or caregiver of a child with autism or special needs, please join our monthly parent support meetings or informational workshops specifically designed for your benefit!

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